Life can be basic and battled in the event that we quit pursuing our undesirable wants for an upscale way of life. The more we attempt to accomplish them the more complexities emerge.


    'Khasara' is the narrative of Sila and Moonis, a straightforward couple from a residential community faces the comparable circumstance as Sila gets awed from Moonis' cherished companion Mohtasim and his advanced spouse Linta. Sonia Mishal as Sila, is a residential area basic young lady try to achieve an upscale way of life.


    Junaid Khan as Moonis is Sila's cherishing spouse is a railroad representative at Ranipur who is content with his life. Sila and Moonis is a flawless couple that carries on with a basic existence with their little wage yet getting a charge out of the life to fullest. Sila gets desirous of Moonis' companion Mohtasim's well-off life.


    Sarwat Gilani as Linta, is Mohtasim's rich and ruined spouse who likes to flaunt her cash and influence. Mikaal Zulfiqar as Mohtasim, is a go getter spouse of Linta and companion of Moonis. Continually driving things for his additions.


    Sila looking for a superior future comes too far away, overlooking her family. Mohtasim proposes Sila for marriage and now she is almost there settle on affection and cash.


    This is one of the not very many shows created by Sana Shahnawaz and Samina Humayun Saeed. Obviously the desires for this up and coming TV serial are entirely high.


    To make a return on ARY Digital with Khasara

    Mikaal Zulfiqar with Co Stars

    Our Sbowbiz industry is stacked with various multi_talented and appealing stars who raised its standard. Everyone has made its place in this Industry with the charm of his/her capacities. Directly a-days our four most brilliant personalities are possessed in shooting of cutting-edge indicate serial of Ary Digital. The cast joins Junaid Khan , Sarwat Gillani , Sonia Mishal and Mikaal Zulfiqar.


    This certainly is Mikaal Zulfiqar's greatest year in the business up until this point. With one hit show after another and a string of five up and coming motion pictures shockingly, Mikaal Zulfiqar is resolved to wowing his gathering of people and investigating every single new symbol he can get his hands on. Also, this time, the man with his attractive turns is altogether revved upward to try a negative part for a change.

    Mikaal is good to go to star close by Sarwat Gillani, Junaid Khan and Sonia Mishal in a Samina Humayun Saeed's and Sana Shahnawaz's up and coming generation, Khasara for ARY Digital.

    Where Junaid Khan told us he'd be playing a humble railway station employ in Khasara, Mikaal tells HIP he's geared up for a slightly negative character in the same play.

    Making a rebound to ARY Digital after quite a while, Mikaal Zulfiqar will be found in a character he hasn't gone for previously. Expressing his purposes behind his screen return on ARY, this is what Mikaal educated us regarding his up and coming show,


    " I haven't worked with ARY in a while, as that is one reason why I picked Khasara when it came my direction. It was in truth the primary explanation behind me marking the venture. Another reason being mine is a greyish character, somewhat negative. Again something i haven't done in a while."


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